APSS Examples


-Mesh dependent accuracy and memory requirement
-Excellent boundary conditions of PML
-Minimum curvature radius design
-Various fiber analysis

-AWG design
-PBG analysis(FDTD)
-Suppression of reflected wavecoupling at semiconductor facet(BPM&FDTD)
-Three dimensional branch analysis by BPM
-MMI coupler with power-splitting ratio of 85:15 design
-Three dimensional analysis(Spot size converter) Structure and calculated result by BPM
-Three dimensional analysis(Coupler) Structure and calculated results by FDTD
-Three dimensional analysis by BPM&FDTD(Spot size converter with high refractive index contrast along propagation direction)
-Silicon wire ring resonator design
Cross talk analysis for two crossed SOI waveguides

-Interleaver and branch circuits
-Lattice filter circuits