Commercial available programs sometimes don't support their desired device parameters for for the purpose of cutting-edge research. Our company is not just a distributor of imported software but also gives the solution of customers demands as our main consulting business. We have licenses of the other competitor software for the purpose. That is, we have a lot of experience by solving our customers problems. Apollo Inc. and Noah Consulting Limited(hereafter shortened as Noah-C) are independent firm each other. Noah-C is keeping favorable relations with Apollo Inc. by sharing the problems and developing custom designed software Noah-C. We are proposing upgrading issue of software to Apollo Inc. in order to provide much better services to our users.

It is two years after we started sales agent of Apollo Inc. Our business policy is for the sake of customers' satisfaction, and we are providing special GUI services in respond to request from users until the request is accepted in the upgrade of the software.

Far Field Pattern (FFP) obtained by ALDS shows characteristics of beam shape from the emitting edge of laser diode. For the LD design, the angle of FWHM and/or 1/e is used to show the beam shape performance. Noah-C is provides GUI to calculate the performance from the results of ALDS and users can easily obtain the numerical values as shown below. The special GUI utilities developed by Noah-C are written by Visual Basic and the utilities are distributed with installer. Therefore, users can easily install their own windows PC environment. We are providing the services not only for ALDS but also the other software including APSS.