Speed up the design stage (short term strategy)
It usually takes considerable time and cost to build up software design system by selecting suitable program and training of engineers. We have software not only developed by Apollo Inc. but also the other competitors. We can also use inhouse program.@@@
  • Semiconductor LD design including strain quantum well structures
  • Grating design of DFB LDs

Design team establishment (intermediate strategy)
We are able to guide the establishment of design team in your organization by selection of software, network PC system and training of engineers. Consulting for refreshment of the design organization is also welcome.

We can help your idea validation before application for patent. It is often difficult to check the new idea by actual fabrication. Our simulation technology helps your idea confirmation and you will be able to describe well-checked claims.

We are providing special GUI services in respond to request from users. The GUI improves the software easy to use.

Due to technology orientation business, we have contributed to academic activities through invited talk in workshop and conference, and submission of article to journal.