Photonic Device simulators by Apollo Inc.

Apollo Photonics Solution Suite

APSS is the first-ever commercial design tool for photonic integrated circuits. The full integration of material, waveguide, device and circuit modeling is offered in an easy to use hierarchical framework. The material module provides device designers with extensive material models including the effects of temperature, doping, and composition. The waveguide module deals with the cross section of a structure and gives the solution of optical waveguide modes. The device module gives the propagation solutions such as MMI by BPM and/or FDTD. Users can easily design AWG using predefined templates. Users can choose suitable options depending upon their purposes and cost effectively build up CAD system.

Advanced Laser Diode Simulator

ALDS is a user-friendly and powerful semiconductor laser simulator. ALDS can be applicable to strained-layer muiti-quantum well (SL-MQW) active region; ridge-waveguide (RW) and buried-heterojunction (BH) lateral confinement structures; phase-shift and DFB structures including sampled grating. The program gives device characteristics such as L-I curves, small signal analysis results, large signal performance and noise characteristics including relative intensity noise (RIN) and so on.

Fiber Optical Grating Simulator

FOGS-BG and FOGS-LG are applied to analysis of optical fiber devices based on Bragg gratings and long-period or transmission gratings, respectively. There are two versions for FOGS-LG, i.e., standard version and advanced version. It is possible to be upgraded to advanced version by changing hard lock key.

Fiber Optical Mode Solver

FOMS provides a variety of build-in fiber simulations including standard fibers; dispersion-shifted fibers; dispersion-flattened fibers; dispersion compensating fibers and large-effective-core-area fibers. Simple simulation mode and scan mode are built in. This software can be used with FOGS-BG and FOGS-LG.